Mediums of History: The Bangs Sisters by Travis Sanders

Very few people had as special of a gift as May and Lizzie Bangs.


May, born 1853, and Elizabeth, born 1859, in Chicago, Illinois, were the daughters of Edward and Meroe Bangs. Known for their ability to produce a form of physical mediumship known as precipitation, even at a young age the girls were no stranger to psychic phenomena. As children, experiences frequently happened in the home, such as furniture moving of its own accord, and coal “raining” from the ceiling.

As they grew, so did their mediumship blossom and reveal its crowning achievement in Spirit Portrait Precipitation. Unlike automatic and other forms of psychic art, the portraits produced by the Bangs Sisters where not produced through the body of the medium, or by any human hands- but through their energy and disposition to physical mediumship phenomena. Images of the ‘deceased’ appeared almost as if the pigment condensed onto the canvas.


In a typical sitting two paper canvases where placed face to face and propped up in a window, with the bottom of the canvases resting on a table. Curtains were drawn to the edges of the canvas and an opaque shade was drawn over the canvases so that anything illuminated in the room, was the light that shown from the outside, through the fabric of the canvases.

Either the sisters would sit on either side of the canvas with the sitter (recipient of the portrait) sat in front of the table- or both sisters would sit to one side of the canvas, while the sitter sat on the other side with a hand on the frame of the canvas. During these sittings shadows and changes in light could be seen on the canvas through the light of the window, and sometimes in as little as minutes, full portraits would would be achieved. When the image stopped developing, much like a polaroid picture, the canvases would be separated to reveal stunning, color-filled, life-like images of the sitters loved ones (and sometimes spirit guides).


                                               Portrait depicting Emily Carson in 1894

As their gifts continued to develop, their portraits could be produced in full daylight, and often on stage, the pigments precipitating and stunning images appearing before the audiences eyes, as random attendees were selected to receive theses special forms of evidence of survival. Later, May and Lizzie also produced what many refer to as direct spirit writings that were examined and studied by the famed psychical researcher, Sir William Crookes. It is unclear however if the writings were precipitated directly onto paper, as the portraits were, or if it was directly written by solidly materialized spirit hands in seance conditions- I have yet to find out.


               Portrait depicting Dr John Sharp, spirit guide of Etta Wriedt (Detroit, MI)

I have been fortunate enough to view many of the Bangs Sister’ portraits first hand at the Hett Art Gallery on the grounds of Camp Chesterfield, in Chesterfield Indiana, were the Bangs sisters arrived in the early 1900’s and whose house today still stands and is occupied by a current registered Chesterfield medium. The portraits are breathtaking and lifelike, and no brushstrokes can be found. In fact researches who have examined these portraits and have stated that the pigmentation used to produce these airbrush-eque images are not a known substance, and often compared to the likeness of the dust on butterfly wings. Art experts who have studied these portraits have said that it would take a master artist many hours over extended days to produce such a quality portrait that the sisters allegedly produced in 1-2 hours or as little as 5 mins.

While being shown around the Hett Museum by a local resident of camp, it was revealed to me that if you examine the portraits closely, you will find that for some unknown reason, none of the people have eyelashes, despite being highly detailed otherwise. Details of the portraits were even known to change at sitters request in mid production, and often time images changed or other images appeared after the portraits were taken home.

While few others have produced Spirit Portrait Precipitation through history, none are as revered or admired as the Bangs Sisters. If you ever have the opportunity to see these great works of art, and evidences of survival, please don’t pass the opportunity up!



The Bangs Sisters & their Precipitated Spirit Portraits, Irene Swann

The Spirit Book, Raymond Buckland




Mediums of History: Daniel Dunglas Home By Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders


Daniel Dunglas Home (pronounced Hume) was a delicate and often sickly young man, born in Scotland in 1833. His father, William, was a drunk, who claimed to be the illegitimate child of a noble, and his mother Elizabeth McNeal, was said to have the gift of Sight.

Allegedly because of his frail health, he was sent to live with his Aunt Mary McNeal at the age of 9, around 5 years after the time his own visions began. His Aunt’s family, along with Daniel, moved to Connecticut, USA, where Daniel began to be visited by Spirits, including the Spirit of his sister who had passed, and a friend who died around the age of 12.

Around his 17th year, Spirit Rappings, and supernaturally moving objects began to manifest in Daniel’s presence, very similarly to the phenomena that took place with the Fox sisters in Hydesville, a couple years prior. Distraught by what was perceived as unnatural or ungodly, Home, was turned away from his his family home, and began staying with many spiritualist, living somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle, eventually ending up in Europe, where he continued to conduct seances for people from all walks of life.


One of the phenomenas that DDH is most famed for are his levitations. The first occurring in 1852, where he floated to the ceiling, and circle members where unable to hold him down. Home  was also know for trance, elongation, and handling hot coals without being burnt. Often times in his seances musical instruments were levitated and played by Spiritual forces.

In 1855 while spending an extended period of time in Florence, Italy, Home was stabbed three times, and nearly killed by a man who accused him of sorcery and believed his “powers” were evil. Not long after, he fled to Paris, and in February of 1856, Spiritualists delivered a message to him from the Spirit world, that he would be without this Spirit power for the period of a year, and true to word, Home was without his remarkable talents for exactly a year, after which he went back to performing Seances, this time for Napoleon the 3rd at royal court.

Napoleon the 3rd was not the only Royal enamored with Home’s mediumship. He also held seances for the King of Naples, the Queen of Holland, The German Emperor, and Russian Royalty.

Home’s most famous seance and feat of levitation occurred in London in 1869. During his seance (which were held in natural light) Home horizontally levitated out of an open window 70 feet up from ground level, into the adjacent window of the next building, the distance between windows being about 8 feet apart. Not only was this observed in clearly lit conditions, but the window itself was only opened about a foot, and yet a stiff and entranced Home glided between buildings and through windows with grace and speed.


In 1871 Daniel married a Russian noble woman, much to the surprise of many, as Home was a handsome but effeminate man, and rumors of homosexually followed him throughout his career.

In 1871 Home wrote the book “Lights and Shadows of Spiritualism”, and in 1886, passed away at the age of 53 from tuberculosis, the same condition that his wife died from. He is buried in St Germain, Paris. His headstone reads: ” To Another, Discerning of Spirits.”


The Spirit Book: Buckland
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Did I lose my Gift? By Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders

Ive been working since 2007 as a psychic, and since 2012 as a medium, providing evidence and spirit communication from loved ones to sitters. I have excelled as a psychic, and I considered myself a pretty good medium, enough so to make a living at it.

However, recently, I had a sitting where I was unable to connect with Spirit communicators for my clients…no biggie, it happens on occasion. But then it happened in the next reading, and the next. The psychic reads were always fine, but it seemed that my connection to the other side was diminishing.


Now, “fuzzy” periods happen in mediumship. All mediumship is experimental, and often subject to conditions of the medium, the sitters, the Spirit Communicators, and sometimes even the environment. Sometimes it may be a day or so when things don’t seem to be working, and then its back to business. But when this fuzzy period didnt seem to be ending…I began to panic.  How would I work? It’s my livelihood, how would I pay my bills? I couldn’t wait it out any longer, I couldn’t not see clients.

As a reader, I like to give my clients the best of me. So I found myself avoiding appointments that indicated they were interested in Spirit Communication. For the first time since my teens, I found myself wondering if I should give it all up, or drop “Medium” from my title and simply work as a Psychic. I felt defeated.

When I asked my own guides and helpers about this in meditation, the answer was that I had to work with it, to work through it. See, as mediums, getting No’s can really be our Kryptonite. One no or two is standard, we can misinterpret things, but when we get several no’s it really makes us loose confidence in ourself, and we find ourselves dropping out of the Power.

My message was that I had to learn to work with the No’s, to get back into accuracy. To learn to be grateful for being wrong, so I could work out why I was wrong, and focus on working with Spirit to be right in my message work. So I did. I gave several sitings that seemed rocky…but even if the client didnt understand what I perceived from Spirit I stuck with my guns and powered my way through the readings. I once heard from a Lily Dale medium tell a class of us that often times readings go wrong when we don’t set the stage of what to expect (or not expect) for the client.

This medium has a rule…the client can be honest and say, “I do not understand” “Im not sure” “Doesn’t ring any bells, but I’ll keep it in mind” but they can’t say the word NO. Not because his ego can’t handle it, but because even if a piece of information isn’t understood, if its not explored or dismissed as wrong, further information behind or linked to that initial impression could be missed. And sometimes the insight behind or linked to that information can help make sense of the initial impression to begin with.


I had mentioned that often times success in mediumship also depends on the conditions of the medium. Prior to this “dead period” happening I experienced the end of a long term relationship, a relocation, and a re-homing of a dear pet. So many changes in such a short period of time really rocked my world. Not to mention coinciding with this I was obsessed with learning new spiritual information and technique, soaking up new areas of metaphysical interest like a sponge.

When we go through change or transition, as uncomfortable as it may be, we GROW. And sometimes the guides and helpers that worked with us at one level or at the rate of vibration, shift and change to reflect the new vibration or energy that we work from. It may be a new guiding presence, or guides that have always been there, but step back while others step forward who are better suited for the next leg of our journey. Its like this- the shoes you wear before puberty would not fit your feet after puberty, your feet change, and you need different shoes that are a better fit.

During the process, especially if you don’t recognize it when its happening, we may feel disconnected because new guides, and new energy means a new way of perceiving, and a new way of working. Its like an life long HP user suddenly switching to Mac. While the technology is still there and usable, you have no idea what the hell you’re doing or how systems operate, but in time you get familiar with it, and you’re back and better than you were before.


Luckily I am feeling like myself again, and my mediumship seems to be on the up and up! But remember, if you’re a medium and you begin to feel like you’re loosing your touch:

*Your gift is a part of your soul, no one or nothing can take it from you.

*Be gentle with yourself

*Learn from your No’s

*Dont avoid working in fuzzy periods, engage the challenge, it’s how you learn your new way of working. 

*Know that it is the nature of the beast, you will go through phases were you are sharper, and phases where you are not as clear. It will wax and wane.

*The better self care, the easier you will acclimate. 

*Dont be afraid to “Do the work” in bettering yourself- work on your lessons, and strive to be the best person you can be. 

*Know that you’re human, you will make mistakes, but they are blessings and opportunities to learn. 

*And probably most importantly- Never take your Mediumship for granted! 

Where Psychic Information Comes from: By Travis Sanders

By Travis James Sanders


“How did you know that?” “Who told you that?” “You told me X was going to happen and then it did, right when you said!” As a reader of over a decade I have heard that question  and statement more times than I can count. If you were to ask me in my teen years, where my information came from, I would have just shrugged and said, “I don’t know” or “I just knew it, Im not sure how,”  but after conducting literally thousands of readings and undergoing formal training in the psychic arts- I have concluded that there are 4 main sources of psychic or extra sensory information.

  1. The Aura


The aura is a bio-energy field that surrounds all living things. Most people think of the aura like a living mood ring, reflecting color and personality, and while this is true it is so much more. The Auric field is a repository of our history, thoughts, feelings, talents, moods, beliefs, and potential. When a psychic intuits information about a sitter on a psychic level, it is the result of these two fields (the readers aura, and the sitters aura) intermingling and communicating information, that the readers subconscious mind organizes and brings to the conscious mind in a way the the reader can interpret or understand.

2) The Akashic Field


Akasha literally means sky, space or ether. It is the etheric substances that is present in, and a part of all things. Sometimes thought of as “the mind of God”, the Akashic Records are the collective storehouse of all history, personal and planetary, as well as future potential. The data of our past lives, present lives, soul contracts and agreements, and potential future choice/options all reside in this etheric hard drive. While many people think of the Akashic Records as a library-like space (which isn’t incorrect) it is a also a state of consciousness, and a field of nonphysical physical information present in, and connected to all of life.

3) Spirit


In the context of a psychic reading, some of the information will come from the reader’s Spirit Guides and helpers. I often think of the process as my guides talking to my clients guides, and then reporting back to me what best needs to be communicated to the sitter…

In the context of Mediumship, the information of course is coming from the sitters loved ones in Spirit (with the help of the mediums guides also).

4) The Ego


A good psychic reading will always come from the first three sources, but more often than people might think the “reading” is simply coming from the “psychics” own ideas, opinions and beliefs.

Usually in these instances, it is because instead of just “reporting” the reader decides to insert what they think a person should do, instead of just giving the who, what, when where and why. And more often than not, the advice they are giving, is the advice they themselves most desperately need to hear. Always be weary if a reader tells you what you “need” to do and how to do it. A reader is there to empower you, not control you.

Often times the reader isn’t conscious that they are doing it, which is why self awareness is sooooo important to cultivate. But another instant where you can instantly tell if a reader is genuinely connected to an authentic source, or coming from the ego, is where they use time in the reading to either talk about themselves or waste time over explaining or moving into teaching a mini-class instead of focusing on the client. You don’t need to give a 10 min discourse on the aura to explain to the client what you perceive in theirs…

Now all readers at sometime will have a personal trigger of an experience come to mind to help them interpret or draw a parallel or similarity for a client, but our clients don’t need a 5 min backstory on the life and times of the reader.

That being said, the ego isn’t evil. We need SOME aspect of ego to do the work, and be able to interpret the information, the ego has a job, but it often needs to be told what to do. Like an unruly child, in these instances it simply needs direction and discipline. I once heard someone say “We all have egos, it’s what we do with them that counts.”

Tips for Successful Mediumship: by Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders

Whether you’re a fledgling, or seasoned medium, there are certain ideas to keep in mind, and remind ourselves of often, that can assist us with any challenge we come across in our mediumship. Some of these insights are things we already know, but often forget and need to remind ourselves of. I believe its important to revisit these ideas in order to see them in new ways as we evolve in our mediumship.

Mediumship needs to be in the moment


I mean several different things by this. One is that, in the role of the medium, one must be completely present and in the moment. This means learning to shift into our awareness of Spirit, and leaving our personal dramas aside, for a time being, to be the clearest channel for Spirit that we can be. Ways of achieving this include meditation and sitting in the power before a session, shifting our awareness through prayer, or utilizing other triggers that set the tone for us to work.


Additionally, being in the moment applies to the communication from Spirit. Good mediumship is about what is, and not just what was. As mediums we should always strive to give ‘evidence’-which often includes what a person died from, things they liked to do, personality, and events that happened once upon a time. BUT evidence should also include things the communicator STILL likes to do, how their personality STILL is, as well as things they have seen or are aware of that have taken place in the sitters life since the communicator moved into Spirit. This shows us that Spirit still lives, and the “so called dead” are still a part of our everyday lives.

Don’t compare yourself to others


It is all too easy to form ideas of what we think our mediumship should look like. We see mediums on TV, read their books, and keep tabs on what others in our field are doing in their work. Forming expectations will only lead to resentments. The world already has John Edward style mediumship, James Van Praagh style mediumship, and Theresa Caputo style mediumship. What the world is lacking is a uniquely YOU style mediumship! We are all different, therefore how we connect with Spirit will look diverse, as well as how we present that information! Let your mediumship be as it is, while simultaneously keeping in mind that you are ever growing and evolving. Be patient with yourself, set goals, and humbly work towards achieving them.

It’s a collaborative process


There is a trinity in the process of mediumship. The medium, the sitter, and Spirit (The communicator, and guides of the medium). We have to meet Spirit half way, this includes doing our part of unfolding, practicing, building power, and attempting to meet Spirit halfway. Spirit will always meet us halfway BUT mediumship sessions don’t always go to plan. We must trust this and be honest with ourselves. Sometimes sessions just don’t work, and it can be for a variety of reasons. Its important to remember not to beat yourself up over a bum session. Mediumship is a delicate process. Our moods, and energy levels, as well as state of mind all come into play. There needs to be harmony, and because we are human, we must accept disharmony as part of the human condition. We must also take into account the sitter may not be ready to hear what we have to say, or we may not be the right medium for the sitter.

Its beneficial to keep in mind that our mediumship will go through phases, Spirit is always “tweaking” us and there will be times where we are more “on” than other times.

Love is the fuel 


There really isn’t much to say here. Love is the fuel. Plain and simple. As humans our lives aren’t perfect, but we can always choose love, and we can always choose to be in a loving space, as often as possible. If we aren’t a living example of love, or if we believe we lack love in our own life, we will not hold the necessary vibration needed to bridge the Spirit and physical world. So if you’re feeling stuck, think about love, feel in your body how love feels when you think about the birth of a child, your first romance, or loving acts of kindness between souls. Sometimes mediums and mediumship sittings are like a computer- if its acting funny, reboot, and it usually works again.

Be vulnerable


Sometimes it can behoove you to be vulnerable with your Spirit communicators. If I am feeling stuck, sometimes I will simply mentally say “Spirit, I have your loved one here, and they would really love to hear from you. I know I might not be in the clearest space, but if you please do your best to speak as loudly and clearly as possible, I will do my best to be aware of you and what you have to say.”

Always give the symbol then the interpretation


While symbolism is more prevalent in psychic work, there will definitely be a symbolism that your guide in mediumship develops with you, as they assist in the Spirit communication process. Sometimes we know our symbols, our Spirit shorthand. Sometimes we assume what we see is a symbol. But mediumship is more often literal in nature. So even if you’re pretty sure that Spirit is giving message via our symbolism, always give the symbol as well as the interpretation of the symbol, otherwise you might sell Spirit short in the message they are trying to give. For example.

Say you’ve moved from the bulk of evidence and more into the message portion of the sitting. Spirit shows you a dove. You interpret this as your communicator assuring the sitter that their soul is at peace, as doves are a universal symbol of peace. This information may be correct, BUT if you say “Your loved one shows me a white dove, and wants me to assure you that they are at peace,” there could be a whole other layer of meaning, for your sitter may have starting seeing white doves since their loved ones passing, or a white dove was in their window when they were upset and thinking about their loved one. This piece of information could have multiple meanings both literal and symbolic.

Common sense


Sometimes as mediums we hold back on what we receive or dismiss what we pick up because it seems cliche or or is common knowledge. Recently I was reading for a mother who had lost her college age daughter, and I kept seeing references to horses. I brushed it off once or twice, thinking, we’ll what little girl didn’t love horses, but the image relented and so I finally gave it. When I said that, the woman’s face lit up, it meant the world to her, and she knew it was her daughter’s presence who was truly communicating. Remember, you’re just the reporter, not the editor.

Ask questions!


If someone just sat down next to you and was silent, that would be awkward right? If you want a conversation you have to do your part. If you find the communication slows down, or your left brain starts creeping in, start asking spirit questions. What do you do in Spirit? What are fond memories you have with your family? Where there any special places in life I should mention? If Spirit gives you an image you are unsure of, ask for the information in a different way, or ask for more information. If you see a tree, ask “What is the significance of this tree?” “Is this from your childhood? Your adult life? Is this something someone did in your memory?” Communication is a two-way street.

The last 2 points I want to leave you with were quotes that stuck out to me in some time I spent taking classes as the Spiritualist camp, Camp Chesterfield. There is no need to elaborate on these points, as they speak for themselves.

Mediumship is a gift


“Mediumship is a gift, no-one else can give it to you, or take it away from you, except Spirit. Once achieved it is uniquely yours for the remainder of your life. Honor it and respect it, for it is a gift few others will achieve in this life.

and finally, Authority

“You have been given the authority to speak for Spirit, so speak for Spirit with authority!

What to do when you’re grieving: By Travis Sanders

Grief is one of the worst emotions we can ever experience as human beings. It contains within in it elements of all things painful- heartbreak, fear, anger, and despair. The loss of a loved one is a hole within us that never feels repaired….but in time, the pangs of that emptiness do lessen. Often times we seek all sorts of escapes and vices to fill that hole, and yet seeking to escape that pain is only a bandaid. A temporary fix. We must eventually confront it to move through it, and heal, as best we can from it. Below are 5 suggestions for healthy ways to deal with grief and loss.


1- Sit with it & own it


Feel what you need to feel. Own your pain. It’s yours to carry. And all grief is unique. Don’t distract yourself with busy work, substances, or taking care of every other person before yourself to avoid feeling your pain. And remember, there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable. In truth, vulnerability is your strength. Weakness is not a weakness. If you need to ask for help, or are emotionally afraid to be alone, have someone be “on alert” or nearby, that know you may need their presence at a moments notice. The sooner you let yourself go through that dark cloud, the sooner you can start to broach the light at the end of it. Don’t underestimate the power of your own tears.

2- Talk it out


Sometimes we just need to be heard. Often we hold back  our feelings and our words because we either feel that we need to be strong for others, be strong to “make it through” or are afraid of being seen as a nuisance. FUCK THAT. People that genuinely care about you will hold space for you, and will listen. Often times when we speak without censorship, we give ourself not only a release, but healing words, and healing wisdom we knew all along. If you need to call a counselor, a therapist, or a hotline, then do so without any self judgment. Sometimes the things you don’t say sting much more than what you feel as you speak the words and feelings that you do say.

3- Admit that you are angry


When we loose someone we care about- we tend to canonize them in our memory. We romanticize the good times, and the possibilities of potential we won’t get to have, and forget the sour and flawed parts of that person. Anger is a natural part of grief. Whether is “deserved” or not- we will feel it. We are angry at someone for leaving us, or angry at ourselves. Often people feel angry at God. We are aloud to be mad. We aren’t bringing doom to ourselves or someone’s soul by being honest about our anger. The sooner you own your angry- the sooner you drain the infection from the wound of your heart. Sometimes writing out your anger is the easiest way to access your anger. In a notebook start with the statement: I am angry because- and then follow that up with a stream of consciousness flow of thoughts until your feel done. Next, burn that paper. There is something incredibly cathartic about burning your feelings, the power of fire in itself is very transformative to the psyche.

4- Stop the guilt trip


Guilt is another part of the process. We start beating ourself up for what we didn’t know. We feel guilty for not calling our loved one more, or guilty for not saying how you felt more. We feel guilty for being alive when they are not! This is natural, but at some point we must accept that guilt is a godless emotion. It serves no valuable purpose, and only begets more guilt. We can’t change the past, but we can dictate our future. So those things you felt about about doing or not doing- remember those and commit to being better. Tell your loved ones that you love them more. Do those little things to let them know you care. Show up. Be present. But most importantly, live the life your loved ones know you deserve and would want you to have- sometimes thats the best way we can  honor their memory.


5- Music


Music is magic. When we are in grief, music can be the balm that heals, and at the same time a certain song can rip our hearts open. If you have trouble accessing your heart, or expressing your emotions, music can be a wonderful tool for triggering a release, and it can be just as good at soothing our soul and uplifting us when we feel down. So roll up the windows, crank the radio, cry, laugh, rock out, sing. I once heard Sonia Choquette say that the throat (therefore the voice) is the chimney to the heart, so spend some time each day with music.

  • Remember, at the end of the day there is no “right” or “wrong” way to grieve. It may come in waves, or stages or all at once. In time, your pain will lessen. Each day feels a little better. If however you get to the point where your grief is interfering with your ability to be functional, you may want to revisit a grief counselor if you haven’t already consulted with one.

Your Spirit Team: By Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders

Regardless of if you’re a psychic, medium, or muggle, we all have unseen helpers in the World of Spirit. Most commonly these helpers are referred to as Spirit Guides.

In the Modern American Spiritualist Tradition, we designate guides into two categories: Inner Band Guides, and Outer Band Guides.

Inner Band Guides are those of our Spirit team, with whom we have made agreements with prior to incarnation, that they may accompany us through this lifetime as our spiritual support system. We can think of these connections as karmic if you like.

Our Outer Band Guides are those who are drawn to us via our vibration and actions. They may be long term, semi permanent, or short lived connections, meant to assist us with certain aspects of our life. For example, if you have an interest in art, you may attract artists in the Spirit World to assist you in your developing artistic aspirations. You can think of them as Specialists.

In this blog, we are going to explore the Inner Band and the roles these specific Guides play in our lives.

1: The Joy Guide


“Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

The first guide most people come into contact with is the Joy Guide. For those of us who engage in mediumship, the Joy Guide is usually what is often referred to as the “Gatekeeper” or the guide who acts as switchboard operator helping us connect to Spirit to pass along messages, and keeping order with those souls who wish to communicate through us.

While these souls may be wise beyond measure, they often present themselves as children or child like. Their purpose is to bring levity and humor to our Earthly experience which can be dense and heavy as we learn and evolve. Joy Guides love music, and often give us messages through song. They remind us to play, laugh, and lighten up!

2: The Doctor Teacher


Sometimes known as a Teacher Guide, Philosopher or Dr of Philosophy, the Doctor Teacher is concerned with guiding you in your life lessons, spiritual, and personal growth. They may be more serious, but are very loving. Like a parent, they do whats in our best interest, even if we don’t always like the messages we receive or lessons that we face. They’re role is not to interfere but guide us through our lessons so we may achieve the most growth as possible. Our teachers will often guide us to the right books, classes, teachers, and places that are perfect for what our soul intends to learn at any given moment. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

3: The Doctor Chemist


Your Chemist is like your otherworldly physician. They’re responsible for the chemistry and wellness of our body, both physical an energetic (though some Spiritualist says there is both a chemist and alchemist, the latter of which is more concerned with energetic bodies). You can ask your Chemist, more modernly called Spirit Doctors or Healer Guides for help or advice on health and wellness (though you should also regard a living qualified professional as well). If you’re a healer, your chemist may work through you in channeling healing energies to yourself and others.

For those who work in the realm of mediumship, the chemist assists in bodily changes necessary to attain and hold the vibrational rate appropriate for spirit contact.

4: The Protector


Most of us believe we have a guardian angel or protector of some sort. This sentiment is echoed in the concept of the Protector. This role of the Inner Band used to be called the “Indian Guide” but as times have become more understanding and politically correct, we simply say Protector, as it isn’t offensive as the previous label was.

The reason the former was used, is because for many (at least in the US), the protector is native (or indigenous to where a person was born/lives or sometimes their genetic lineage). I don’t however believe this is always the case. Native Americans had a connection to both Earth, and the Spirit World. They’re grounded, yet attuned- making them ideal guardians. Your protector is naturally there to assist with our safety. We can ask them for physical protection as well as spiritual protection.

5: The Master Teacher


Also called the Master Guide, the Master is our most highly evolved Sprit Teacher. Unlike the rest of our Inner Band, the Master Guide is not exclusive to us. They work with many people, often of the same soul or karmic path. Many people equate them with the Higher Spiritual Teachers such as avatars, saints or mystics of various religions or spiritual traditions, or what New Age has termed “Ascended Masters.” I don’t believe this to necessarily be true. Some might feel their Master Teacher is Jesus, Saint Germaine, but usually these evolved souls aren’t interested in earthly personas as they don’t want their identity to distract from their teachings. Another school of thought is that they might adapt a persona or archetype of a great teacher that soul may have followed, or have similarities to.

The Master Teachers is not concerned with the day-to-day. They’re don’t pop in just because. They make themselves known as needed. You can think of them as who your guides defer to when they need help helping you. They are only concerned with your path, the evolution of your soul, your life contract.

Additional Guides 

Familial and Ancestral Guides


While not considered a part of the inner band, our ancestors can often bring us guidance from the Spirit world. Depending on how long ago they passed away they may have elected to become an official guide in some capacity. Many people like to believe that their grandparents or loved ones, known in this life that have passed away, are their Spirit Guides or guardian angels. In a sense this is true, in that they are in Spirit and can bring you guidance, but they are technically not guides as we known them in the Spiritualist sense. The may bring us guidance but remember, the personality has probably not changed much. SO- your grandfather could potentially give you guidance on financial matters- BUT if your grandpa gambled all of his money away, is this the type of guidance you would want to listen to?

When we come into life, when we make agreements with souls to look after us, they go through preparation to adequately guide us. They know our life plan, our spiritual agreement, the intentions we have for this life, and how to best help us navigate through it. Becoming a guide is part of their growth too, and it is a responsibility not taken lightly.

Final Thoughts

We cannot put Spirit in a box. For some this system will resonate. For others it may not. This model of guides is not taught in Spiritualism in the UK. It is more prevalent in Spiritualist communities in the United States. Even if you do resonate or find this model of guides to be right for you, I don’t think someone stands at the pearly gates with a checklist making sure there is a guide for each office. We created these labels SPIRIT did NOT. These are general roles for areas in a persons life. This may mean a guide may fill several roles or positions for you and you may feel the guides who work most closely with you may change over time. Above all else, trust your own intuitions and knowings, and trust the most important guide you have- your own soul or Higher Self.