Into the Mystic

Into the Mystic
By Travis James Sanders


After nearly 10 years of working as a clairvoyant I can honestly say I’ve had my share of “mystical” experiences. It boggles my mind when I hear people talk as if they’ve never witnessed a miracle, or amazing synchronicity, or even are unable to tap into the voice of their intuition to guide them through life. To a person who is only aware of their five physical senses, and sometimes not even fully aware of those, our world can seem mundane, flat, and one- dimensional. The mystical experience is something that happens to someone else, mystics, seers, saints and prophets, but not the average Joe. I can assure you, however, we are all able to tap into and experience the Divine, and even the “mystical’’ in our everyday experiences.

The first step, we must redefine our definition of “mystical.” That which we see as mystical is not separate from that which we are. If we are truly One with The All That Is, and I assure you, we are, then the mystical and what is seemingly mundane, go hand in hand, are two sides to the same coin. You can experience them both separately, but even more so, they can be a part of your experience simultaneously if you choose to allow it.

Secondly, we must be aware! So much of the time the mystical and magical are taking place regardless, but because it’s not on our radar, we are not in vibrational or energetic alignment to it, it walks right under our nose unnoticed. It exists all around us, but on a different frequency or station. Just this morning on my drive to work I was thinking about my career, my frustrations, where I felt stuck, and I had a moment, a thought, a sense of “If I let it be what it is, instead of beating myself up for what I think it should look like, I would be much more empowered and things would flow more easily.” At that exact moment, soaring in the sky above me was a beautiful and majestic bald eagle. The Eagle represents Spirit, The Higher Self, mediumship, and divine assistance. If I wasn’t aware of my thoughts, or even just my basic surroundings, I would have never noticed to the eagle, or the correlation of its appearance to my stream of thought- which, because of my intention, was inspired by Spirit to confirm or validate the guidance I needed.


There are many ways we can cultivate awareness but the most easy and powerful way is through mindfulness and meditation. Now when I say meditation, I mean it in whatever way works for you. You don’t need to “Om” or twist into a pretzel to gain your higher awareness of the mystical or divine. The simplest form of meditation is just to breath and be present. It’s perfectly ok to have thoughts in your mind. Breathe, and release them. If the thoughts come back again just continue to acknowledge them and try to move through them with your breath. To me, meditation is not all about clearing your mind, which is nearly impossible a feat to accomplish, but becoming so aware of your own voice that when the divine or mystical voice nudges you to notice or witness a thought, synchronicity, event, or miracle, that you notice it as a separate stream of thought than your own analytical, internal dialogue.

I believe to notice the mystical we must also take moments from our day to acknowledge the magical and mystical that we are already aware of. For example think of that mighty tree in your front yard. That leafy giant, so strong, and standing tall, once came from a seed smaller than your fingernail. That giant oak was a tiny packet of potential, and before that, a tiny packet of potential energy. Think about how every seed and every tree that has been reproduced from that oak tree all come from that tiny spark of potential energy inside of a seed, popping in and out of existence. Now…Is that not a miracle? Is that not amazing and mystical when you stop to think about it? The wood that would build many homes, buildings and structures for countless future generations all stemmed at one time from a seed you could hold in the palm of your hand.


Lastly, we can begin to experience the mystical, magical and miraculous by inviting it into your life. How do we do this? It doesn’t have to be formal, we can simply ask. Ask the universe, your Higher Self, your spirit guides and divine teachers. Or, engage prayer. Prayer, regardless the nature of our prayer, lifts our vibration, and in turn, our awareness, helping connect us more deeply with the divine. When we pray we communicate with the Divine, we touch that Divine spark. When we touch the Divine, it touches us back.