8 Steps to Raise Your Vibration: by Travis Sanders


Vibration. We hear that word a lot in the spiritual and metaphysical community. But what does it mean?

Everything is energy. We know this. Science agrees with this. The rate at which energy moves, the oscillation of particles, constitutes the quality or rate of vibration. Everything has a vibrational quality.

In Power Vs Force Dr Richard Dawkins, is able to measure and map the rate of vibration of human emotion. Emotions such as acceptance are high on the measurable scale, as emotions like fear are on the low end of the spectrum.

Essentially the higher the vibrational quality of something, be it an emotion, a though, or physical matter, the better and healthier it us for us. The lower the vibration, the more detrimental it may be.

Our personal vibration consists of the quality and health of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies (i.e. chakras, aura). When our vibration is high and healthy, we are happy, balanced, and Spiritually connected. When our rate of vibration is low, or weak, we are more likely to be down, unhealthy, or spiritually disconnected from our own Source (guidance, intuition, purpose).

Below are some suggested ways to live an maintain a high vibrational life!

1- Nature


When we spend time in nature we receive the positive benefits of fresh air and sunshine (a nice Seratonin boost).  Being connected to the earth can help us ground erroneous energies, leaving us feel refreshed and relaxed. The more we spend time in nature our natural cycles and rhythms reset themselves to natural settings.

2- Regular Exercise


Physical movement is not only healthy for the systems of our body, but it helps us be seated in the present and properly grounded in our body. As we move the physical body, energy and life force moves through us and renews us. When there is a lack of movement there is stagnation, and when stagnation occurs, imbalance and potential illness may set in. Walking, jogging, and yoga are wonderful exercises for keeping the energies of health flowing in the physical and subtle bodies.

3- Prayer

Prayer is a powerful tool because it lifts our awareness to the Divine. You may wish to redefine prayer. It doesn’t have to be memorized speeches, but sincere communication from the heart with whatever you consider to be a higher power (God, the Universe, Spirit, guides and angels). Prayer may be out-loud or silent, in words, or thoughts, pictures or even the focusing of feelings. Think of prayer as communion with Divinity.


4- Meditation

Meditation has many benefits including helping to raise our vibration and expand our conscious awareness. Additional benefits to meditation are relaxation, stress relief, and improved bodily functions. Through being silent we commune with our own soul. We hear. We come to new conclusions and inspirations that lead to a healthier version of ourselves. Remember, meditation isn’t as much about clearing thought as it is about becoming conscious of thought, recognizing it, and then letting go as we focus on breath and stillness. This helps us to discern true intuition and guidance from fear, insecurities and ego.

5- Healthy Eating


This is one of those areas where I will say do as I say and not as I do. I struggle with this one as I enjoy refined sugar, processed and convenient food. Fresh foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables have a higher vibration and life force to them. Processed, frozen and fast foods and slow, low vibrations. Everything we take into us and surround ourselves with has influence on our personal vibration. So be mindful what you put in your body.

6- Music


Music is such a powerful influence. Music that is uplifting, fun, and that makes you want to move or sing can lift your spirits and your rate of vibration. Keep this in mind the next time you are feeling stuck. Its hard to be down or feel “muddy” when you’re signing and dancing to your favorite song, when you feel it down in your Spirit.

7- Healthy Relationships


If you’re surrounded with needy, victim-minded, pessimistic people its going to effect your vibes! We all have friendships and social ties to people we feel loyalty to. We all go through challenges. But if your friend or co-worker is chronically negative, drama filled, or unwilling to even attempt to help themselves, then what you have is a toxic relationship. These relationships will drag down your vibration faster than a sinking stone. Take inventory of your life and do a “vibe clean up.” Are there one-sided or unhealthy relationships? If so, clean them up either by setting new, healthier and firmer boundaries or by cutting unhealthy ties all together. You will feel so much better for it. This is not being unkind, this is simply care and compassion for self.

8- Kick the Habit

Part of your vibe clean-up may include lifestyle alterations such as our personal vices. We all indulge and enjoy from time to time as we should. But once something becomes a habit or addiction it has power over us and no longer is supportive to a healthy vibration. Examples of low vibrational habits may include smoking, drinking, excessive television or social media addictions (can you go a whole day without Facebook)? Inherently none of these things on their own are “bad.” Remember, healthy moderation is key!

There are many ways to raise your vibration! These are just a few- you don’t have to implement a bunch of changes at once. Start with just one and see how it feels, and most importably- follow the voice of your own intuition as to whats best for you!


One thought on “8 Steps to Raise Your Vibration: by Travis Sanders”

  1. It is amazing how you come up with some of this information. Very interesting. Those times were so hard but Spirit seemed to be so well and alive during that time, and so bold as to what we hear about today. I still don’t understand about the trumpet, though.

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