Tips for Successful Mediumship: by Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders

Whether you’re a fledgling, or seasoned medium, there are certain ideas to keep in mind, and remind ourselves of often, that can assist us with any challenge we come across in our mediumship. Some of these insights are things we already know, but often forget and need to remind ourselves of. I believe its important to revisit these ideas in order to see them in new ways as we evolve in our mediumship.

Mediumship needs to be in the moment


I mean several different things by this. One is that, in the role of the medium, one must be completely present and in the moment. This means learning to shift into our awareness of Spirit, and leaving our personal dramas aside, for a time being, to be the clearest channel for Spirit that we can be. Ways of achieving this include meditation and sitting in the power before a session, shifting our awareness through prayer, or utilizing other triggers that set the tone for us to work.


Additionally, being in the moment applies to the communication from Spirit. Good mediumship is about what is, and not just what was. As mediums we should always strive to give ‘evidence’-which often includes what a person died from, things they liked to do, personality, and events that happened once upon a time. BUT evidence should also include things the communicator STILL likes to do, how their personality STILL is, as well as things they have seen or are aware of that have taken place in the sitters life since the communicator moved into Spirit. This shows us that Spirit still lives, and the “so called dead” are still a part of our everyday lives.

Don’t compare yourself to others


It is all too easy to form ideas of what we think our mediumship should look like. We see mediums on TV, read their books, and keep tabs on what others in our field are doing in their work. Forming expectations will only lead to resentments. The world already has John Edward style mediumship, James Van Praagh style mediumship, and Theresa Caputo style mediumship. What the world is lacking is a uniquely YOU style mediumship! We are all different, therefore how we connect with Spirit will look diverse, as well as how we present that information! Let your mediumship be as it is, while simultaneously keeping in mind that you are ever growing and evolving. Be patient with yourself, set goals, and humbly work towards achieving them.

It’s a collaborative process


There is a trinity in the process of mediumship. The medium, the sitter, and Spirit (The communicator, and guides of the medium). We have to meet Spirit half way, this includes doing our part of unfolding, practicing, building power, and attempting to meet Spirit halfway. Spirit will always meet us halfway BUT mediumship sessions don’t always go to plan. We must trust this and be honest with ourselves. Sometimes sessions just don’t work, and it can be for a variety of reasons. Its important to remember not to beat yourself up over a bum session. Mediumship is a delicate process. Our moods, and energy levels, as well as state of mind all come into play. There needs to be harmony, and because we are human, we must accept disharmony as part of the human condition. We must also take into account the sitter may not be ready to hear what we have to say, or we may not be the right medium for the sitter.

Its beneficial to keep in mind that our mediumship will go through phases, Spirit is always “tweaking” us and there will be times where we are more “on” than other times.

Love is the fuel 


There really isn’t much to say here. Love is the fuel. Plain and simple. As humans our lives aren’t perfect, but we can always choose love, and we can always choose to be in a loving space, as often as possible. If we aren’t a living example of love, or if we believe we lack love in our own life, we will not hold the necessary vibration needed to bridge the Spirit and physical world. So if you’re feeling stuck, think about love, feel in your body how love feels when you think about the birth of a child, your first romance, or loving acts of kindness between souls. Sometimes mediums and mediumship sittings are like a computer- if its acting funny, reboot, and it usually works again.

Be vulnerable


Sometimes it can behoove you to be vulnerable with your Spirit communicators. If I am feeling stuck, sometimes I will simply mentally say “Spirit, I have your loved one here, and they would really love to hear from you. I know I might not be in the clearest space, but if you please do your best to speak as loudly and clearly as possible, I will do my best to be aware of you and what you have to say.”

Always give the symbol then the interpretation


While symbolism is more prevalent in psychic work, there will definitely be a symbolism that your guide in mediumship develops with you, as they assist in the Spirit communication process. Sometimes we know our symbols, our Spirit shorthand. Sometimes we assume what we see is a symbol. But mediumship is more often literal in nature. So even if you’re pretty sure that Spirit is giving message via our symbolism, always give the symbol as well as the interpretation of the symbol, otherwise you might sell Spirit short in the message they are trying to give. For example.

Say you’ve moved from the bulk of evidence and more into the message portion of the sitting. Spirit shows you a dove. You interpret this as your communicator assuring the sitter that their soul is at peace, as doves are a universal symbol of peace. This information may be correct, BUT if you say “Your loved one shows me a white dove, and wants me to assure you that they are at peace,” there could be a whole other layer of meaning, for your sitter may have starting seeing white doves since their loved ones passing, or a white dove was in their window when they were upset and thinking about their loved one. This piece of information could have multiple meanings both literal and symbolic.

Common sense


Sometimes as mediums we hold back on what we receive or dismiss what we pick up because it seems cliche or or is common knowledge. Recently I was reading for a mother who had lost her college age daughter, and I kept seeing references to horses. I brushed it off once or twice, thinking, we’ll what little girl didn’t love horses, but the image relented and so I finally gave it. When I said that, the woman’s face lit up, it meant the world to her, and she knew it was her daughter’s presence who was truly communicating. Remember, you’re just the reporter, not the editor.

Ask questions!


If someone just sat down next to you and was silent, that would be awkward right? If you want a conversation you have to do your part. If you find the communication slows down, or your left brain starts creeping in, start asking spirit questions. What do you do in Spirit? What are fond memories you have with your family? Where there any special places in life I should mention? If Spirit gives you an image you are unsure of, ask for the information in a different way, or ask for more information. If you see a tree, ask “What is the significance of this tree?” “Is this from your childhood? Your adult life? Is this something someone did in your memory?” Communication is a two-way street.

The last 2 points I want to leave you with were quotes that stuck out to me in some time I spent taking classes as the Spiritualist camp, Camp Chesterfield. There is no need to elaborate on these points, as they speak for themselves.

Mediumship is a gift


“Mediumship is a gift, no-one else can give it to you, or take it away from you, except Spirit. Once achieved it is uniquely yours for the remainder of your life. Honor it and respect it, for it is a gift few others will achieve in this life.

and finally, Authority

“You have been given the authority to speak for Spirit, so speak for Spirit with authority!