Where Psychic Information Comes from: By Travis Sanders

By Travis James Sanders


“How did you know that?” “Who told you that?” “You told me X was going to happen and then it did, right when you said!” As a reader of over a decade I have heard that question  and statement more times than I can count. If you were to ask me in my teen years, where my information came from, I would have just shrugged and said, “I don’t know” or “I just knew it, Im not sure how,”  but after conducting literally thousands of readings and undergoing formal training in the psychic arts- I have concluded that there are 4 main sources of psychic or extra sensory information.

  1. The Aura


The aura is a bio-energy field that surrounds all living things. Most people think of the aura like a living mood ring, reflecting color and personality, and while this is true it is so much more. The Auric field is a repository of our history, thoughts, feelings, talents, moods, beliefs, and potential. When a psychic intuits information about a sitter on a psychic level, it is the result of these two fields (the readers aura, and the sitters aura) intermingling and communicating information, that the readers subconscious mind organizes and brings to the conscious mind in a way the the reader can interpret or understand.

2) The Akashic Field


Akasha literally means sky, space or ether. It is the etheric substances that is present in, and a part of all things. Sometimes thought of as “the mind of God”, the Akashic Records are the collective storehouse of all history, personal and planetary, as well as future potential. The data of our past lives, present lives, soul contracts and agreements, and potential future choice/options all reside in this etheric hard drive. While many people think of the Akashic Records as a library-like space (which isn’t incorrect) it is a also a state of consciousness, and a field of nonphysical physical information present in, and connected to all of life.

3) Spirit


In the context of a psychic reading, some of the information will come from the reader’s Spirit Guides and helpers. I often think of the process as my guides talking to my clients guides, and then reporting back to me what best needs to be communicated to the sitter…

In the context of Mediumship, the information of course is coming from the sitters loved ones in Spirit (with the help of the mediums guides also).

4) The Ego


A good psychic reading will always come from the first three sources, but more often than people might think the “reading” is simply coming from the “psychics” own ideas, opinions and beliefs.

Usually in these instances, it is because instead of just “reporting” the reader decides to insert what they think a person should do, instead of just giving the who, what, when where and why. And more often than not, the advice they are giving, is the advice they themselves most desperately need to hear. Always be weary if a reader tells you what you “need” to do and how to do it. A reader is there to empower you, not control you.

Often times the reader isn’t conscious that they are doing it, which is why self awareness is sooooo important to cultivate. But another instant where you can instantly tell if a reader is genuinely connected to an authentic source, or coming from the ego, is where they use time in the reading to either talk about themselves or waste time over explaining or moving into teaching a mini-class instead of focusing on the client. You don’t need to give a 10 min discourse on the aura to explain to the client what you perceive in theirs…

Now all readers at sometime will have a personal trigger of an experience come to mind to help them interpret or draw a parallel or similarity for a client, but our clients don’t need a 5 min backstory on the life and times of the reader.

That being said, the ego isn’t evil. We need SOME aspect of ego to do the work, and be able to interpret the information, the ego has a job, but it often needs to be told what to do. Like an unruly child, in these instances it simply needs direction and discipline. I once heard someone say “We all have egos, it’s what we do with them that counts.”