Did I lose my Gift? By Travis Sanders

By Travis Sanders

Ive been working since 2007 as a psychic, and since 2012 as a medium, providing evidence and spirit communication from loved ones to sitters. I have excelled as a psychic, and I considered myself a pretty good medium, enough so to make a living at it.

However, recently, I had a sitting where I was unable to connect with Spirit communicators for my clients…no biggie, it happens on occasion. But then it happened in the next reading, and the next. The psychic reads were always fine, but it seemed that my connection to the other side was diminishing.


Now, “fuzzy” periods happen in mediumship. All mediumship is experimental, and often subject to conditions of the medium, the sitters, the Spirit Communicators, and sometimes even the environment. Sometimes it may be a day or so when things don’t seem to be working, and then its back to business. But when this fuzzy period didnt seem to be ending…I began to panic.  How would I work? It’s my livelihood, how would I pay my bills? I couldn’t wait it out any longer, I couldn’t not see clients.

As a reader, I like to give my clients the best of me. So I found myself avoiding appointments that indicated they were interested in Spirit Communication. For the first time since my teens, I found myself wondering if I should give it all up, or drop “Medium” from my title and simply work as a Psychic. I felt defeated.

When I asked my own guides and helpers about this in meditation, the answer was that I had to work with it, to work through it. See, as mediums, getting No’s can really be our Kryptonite. One no or two is standard, we can misinterpret things, but when we get several no’s it really makes us loose confidence in ourself, and we find ourselves dropping out of the Power.

My message was that I had to learn to work with the No’s, to get back into accuracy. To learn to be grateful for being wrong, so I could work out why I was wrong, and focus on working with Spirit to be right in my message work. So I did. I gave several sitings that seemed rocky…but even if the client didnt understand what I perceived from Spirit I stuck with my guns and powered my way through the readings. I once heard from a Lily Dale medium tell a class of us that often times readings go wrong when we don’t set the stage of what to expect (or not expect) for the client.

This medium has a rule…the client can be honest and say, “I do not understand” “Im not sure” “Doesn’t ring any bells, but I’ll keep it in mind” but they can’t say the word NO. Not because his ego can’t handle it, but because even if a piece of information isn’t understood, if its not explored or dismissed as wrong, further information behind or linked to that initial impression could be missed. And sometimes the insight behind or linked to that information can help make sense of the initial impression to begin with.


I had mentioned that often times success in mediumship also depends on the conditions of the medium. Prior to this “dead period” happening I experienced the end of a long term relationship, a relocation, and a re-homing of a dear pet. So many changes in such a short period of time really rocked my world. Not to mention coinciding with this I was obsessed with learning new spiritual information and technique, soaking up new areas of metaphysical interest like a sponge.

When we go through change or transition, as uncomfortable as it may be, we GROW. And sometimes the guides and helpers that worked with us at one level or at the rate of vibration, shift and change to reflect the new vibration or energy that we work from. It may be a new guiding presence, or guides that have always been there, but step back while others step forward who are better suited for the next leg of our journey. Its like this- the shoes you wear before puberty would not fit your feet after puberty, your feet change, and you need different shoes that are a better fit.

During the process, especially if you don’t recognize it when its happening, we may feel disconnected because new guides, and new energy means a new way of perceiving, and a new way of working. Its like an life long HP user suddenly switching to Mac. While the technology is still there and usable, you have no idea what the hell you’re doing or how systems operate, but in time you get familiar with it, and you’re back and better than you were before.


Luckily I am feeling like myself again, and my mediumship seems to be on the up and up! But remember, if you’re a medium and you begin to feel like you’re loosing your touch:

*Your gift is a part of your soul, no one or nothing can take it from you.

*Be gentle with yourself

*Learn from your No’s

*Dont avoid working in fuzzy periods, engage the challenge, it’s how you learn your new way of working. 

*Know that it is the nature of the beast, you will go through phases were you are sharper, and phases where you are not as clear. It will wax and wane.

*The better self care, the easier you will acclimate. 

*Dont be afraid to “Do the work” in bettering yourself- work on your lessons, and strive to be the best person you can be. 

*Know that you’re human, you will make mistakes, but they are blessings and opportunities to learn. 

*And probably most importantly- Never take your Mediumship for granted! 

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