10 Times I Am NOT the Psychic for You

By: Travis Sanders

  1. If you think someone else’s husband or wife is your soulmate


Guess what!? They aren’t. And if they’re willing to cheat with you, Boo Boo, they’re gonna cheat on you.

2) If you’re looking for a psychic spy

The-Men-Who-Stare-At-Goats.jpgThe cold war is over. If you want me to tell you if your man is texting other chicks, or if your  wife was really with the girls last weekend, you have bigger issues at hand and need couples counseling, not a psychic.


3) f you want a psychic paternity test


Dial up the drama! Honey, if you don’t know who your baby daddy is, you need Maury, not a psychic.

4) If you want to argue

Businessmen fighting June 4, 2001

Listen, Ive been doing this long enough that I know what I know. And if I don’t know I will readily say “I don’t know” but if I say the sky is blue, then I am pretty damn confident that the sky is blue. If you want to pay me for my insight, then argue with me about the insight given, then you’re next on the list….

5) If you don’t listen


You know they type. You tell them the plate is hot and be careful, and they gotta touch it and yell “ouch” just to be sure. Some people call me, and then wanna do all the talking. One thing I know for sure, it doesn’t matter how many different ways you word the question to try to set it up to get the answer you want- you’re still gonna get the same answer.

6) If you’ve got ghosts or aliens


Everybody has different beliefs- and that’s fine- but I am probably not the reader for you if you want to talk about: demons, ghosts, pleiadians, light beings, shadow people, annunaki, reptilians, faeries, or the illuminati….just don’t….

7) If you want someone to fix you


Im not Iyanla, Baby, I can’t fix your life. I can give you guidance and direction but you have to participate in your own life, and make your choices. I can’t hold your hand. Im with you for 30 mins. For that 30 mins, I care…but Im not going to carry you.

8) If you only want a specific spirit contact


It would be nice if it worked this way- but it doesn’t. You might want to hear from beloved Grandpa Bob, and instead I get Bob’s alcoholic brother Bill….mediumship doesn’t work off of want, it works of the what people need. Id suggest hearing Bill out, and usually Grandpa Bob will come through if you just listen and go with the flow- but at the end of the day it’s not Dial–the-Dead, don’t shoot the messenger!

9) If you wanna test me first 


Listen, I have been doing this for over a decade, and I have a good reputation. Ive paid my dues, I’ve been tested by companies Ive worked for- I don’t feel the need to prove myself at this point. Either you want a session or don’t- but trying to get free readings out of me to “test drive” is only going to test my patience…Im not a Kia on a car lot.

10) If you’re gonna ask me about love spells


Im not a rent a witch. I am a psychic and medium. If you want spells go to Salem. Or better yet, crack a book and learn before playing with forces you don’t understand. That being said, I would advise against love spells. Why would you wanna be with someone you have to make love you anyways? No one is that great…If they don’t like you for you, then let them goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….like, yesterday. But I know the types who ask this question, and you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do anyways….Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.

That being Said!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am probably a good fit for you if….

  • You’re looking for guidance in life
  • You have questions that you want objective insights into
  • You’re open to contact with the Spirit world (i.e. Loved ones and guiding forces)
  • You understand I am there to give you information and/or evidence of survival- not to make decisions for you
  • You understand that psychics and mediums are fallible
  • You’re open to listening and trusting the process