The Mediumship of Indridi Indridason

By Travis Sanders


Born in October of 1883, Indridi was a young Icelandic man, from an uneducated farming family. Little did he ever dream that by his early 20’s he would be Iceland’s premier medium of a caliber compared to the great D.D Home.

Around the age of 21 while working as a printer for a newspaper, the wife of a family member he was living with at the time invited him to investigate a table tipping circle with her. He went, and in his presence, the table moved quite powerfully.

Within an incredibly short period of time Indridi’s physical phenomena blossomed. Starting with trance speaking and automatic writing; and eventually evolving into spirit lights, apports, levitation of objects (and levitation of Indridi) as well as direct voice and materialization.

In 1905 at 22, The Experimental Society formed to investigate the phenomena of this young man. They even provided him with a salary and home, which also served as the controlled setting for research. However, by that fall, Indridi didn’t wish to continue. He actually came to see his mediumship as a curse. Indridi claimed to be haunted by poltergeist-like phenomena, some of which scared him. Additionally, his seances left him drained, ill, and depressed for days.

There were several main controls (spirit guides) that were regulars in Indridi’s mediumship, including his grandfather’s brother, who was a prominent professor at the University of Copenhagen.  There was also another who Indridi claimed was unkind towards him, and had died of suicide, though after some time, this control became benevolent and assisted Indridi in his mediumship.

Indridi married briefly before his wife and their baby daughter died of TB/typhoid fever, to which he also succumbed to at the age of 28.  He was invaluable in establishing Spiritualism in Iceland.

Indridi Indridason has always intrigued me. Handsome, gifted, and yet his life was sad and tragic. While I have doubt this was part of fulfilling his purpose in this life, I often feel that if emphasis was placed on the philosophy of Spiritualism, instead of solely focusing on the phenomena, much of Indridi’s agony could have been avoided.

The part that I find interesting as a Spiritualist, is the negative aspects that Indridi experienced in his mediumship. He felt haunted and used. However, mostly in Spiritualism, we do not believe in “stuck” or evil spirits. Could it have been, because of ignorance, fears, insecurities and worries made physically manifest through his physical mediumship abilities (including psychokinesis) that he created his own “demons” and interpreted or experienced that energy or “thought form” as Spirit intelligence? Did Indridi haunt himself? Perhaps he had subconscious worries that his “gifts” weren’t of God, especially since his major opponents in Iceland were those of strict religious practitioners.

We may never know. However, Iceland and The Spiritualist Movement owes a huge gratitude toward the sacrifices of Indiri Indridason.


Encyclopedia of Ghost & Spirits by Rosemary Ellen Guiley

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