Stop Doing This in Your Mediumship!

By Travis Sanders

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I was recently listening to an interview with UK medium Andy Byng, whose reputation holds high esteem. While the opinion of others in regards to who is “good” and who is not, holds little of importance to me-  I have found lots of wisdom in Andy’s words and video lessons over the years.

In this particular video, Andy was discussing the things we as mediums do, that may have been good for us developing structure in the beginning phases of our mediumship unfoldment, but eventually become impediments as we evolve and refine.

I have been trying to incorporate these into my own practices and wanted to share and summarize what I gleaned with you and for you:

  1. Drop the habit of wanting to look for certain types of information

    One quote I really resonated with was “Where we control, we get in the way.” Often we have preconceived notions of what a good or proper spirit contact should look like for the sitter or the audience- this limits Spirit! Spirit knows what the best information is to demonstrate that they still live. Always think about your work as a communicator/translator from the SPIRITS pov to better learn and understand how we can be the best instrument for the Spirit World that we can be. We often find ourselves thinking “I wasn’t as good as I used to be,” I know I have; but its because when mediumship is new to us, its natural, were not colored by expectations- and when we learned how others think it should be, or over structure the way we work, we become unnatural in how we approach it.

    Andy said: “Structure should be used to harness the power of the medium, not stifle the naturalness”

2. Sop demanding how you receive evidence

Maybe you are used to working clairvoyantly or clairsentiently. Maybe you ask your guides to show you x, y or z in the form of  specific symbols. In early stages creating a system is wonderful for a foundation. But imagine going to the gym everyday and only ever working your upper body…you’ll eventually end up with chicken legs! Allow Spirit to give you information through the channels THEY see fit, and in personal development do exercises to strengthen the channels you don’t excel in so you can be the most well-rounded medium you can be. Give Spirit access to your vision, or words, your mind, your  heart, your body. Let it flow through however it flows through. Let the power build, and follow its flow. And if you feel stuck- don’t be afraid to simply say to Spirit “help me.”

3. Stop asking questions of Spirit

In early development we are often taught to mentally ask questions of Spirit to get to the answers we are seeking. BUT what if they aren’t interested in the questions you are asking? As novices, when we feel stuck, asking Spirit a question can absolutely get the flow going again- but if we always rely on that standard as a way of continuously working, then we are leading process. The more of “us” involved, means less room for Spirit. Mediumship is more active than say trance, but it is still somewhat passive as we are receivers. Asking questions takes us into the left brain-analytical mind and brings us out of the power. Imagine being a Spirit communicator, and you only have a few precious moments to communicate your heart to your loved one, and you wish to express a cherished memory but the medium is pestering you with “How old were you?,” “what kind of car did you drive?” “What is your favorite food?” —It must be so frustrating for them!

4. Chuck the “checklist” approach

Many of us have learned C.E.R.T ; the acronym meaning communicator, evidence, reason (message) and ‘tie it up’ as how to appropriately and efficiently move through a contact/message. This is great in the beginning but as we grow, this again can limit Spirit. As you become more confident in your mediumship trying working in the “blend and surrender” way. Let your communicator blend as closely as possible to you and just let their mind/thoughts/feelings lead. Stop worrying about having to do things in a certain order, or get 3-5 pieces of evidence. Evidence is necessary but not the epitome of mediumship- if the presence, the personality is not transmitted, not felt by the recipient, then the contact may feel cold, sterile, and unconvincing. If spirit wants more message than evidence, so be it. If they are evidence heavy, so be it. Most importantly let the essence of the communicator shine THROUGH you- put the flow of information in their hands, and I promise you the most amazing evidence will naturally be brought fourth without left-brain interference on your part.

So try incorporating these ideas into your work, maybe they help, maybe not! Either way some food for thought! A big thanks to Andy Byng and the work you do!