Mrs Meurig-Morris and ‘Power’

by Travis Sanders

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Little is out there about the life of the remarkable trance medium, Louisa Ann Meurig-Morris, but what is out there is impressive evidence of the depth of her trance states and influence of “Power,” the mediums primary control or “spirit guide.”

Born to Frederick and Ellen Bayles in London, 1899,  Louisa, like many mediums, was sensitive at a young age- though it is said her sensitivity was dampened by the religion of her youth. In 1922 at the age of 23, Lousia Ann attended a seance with a direct voice medium by the name of Newton Abbot, which ignited her mediumistic potential, and allowed her to develop rapidly as a trance medium.

In the early stages of trance, the controls or guides was first a child-guide called Sunshine, later a french nun referred to as Sister Magdalene, and eventually settling on Power, a regal, philosophical control, whose blending with the medium caused her soft, higher-octave voice to take on a baritone quality, and her mannerism to become demonstrative and captivating.

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In 1929 she caught the attention of agnostic playwright, Laurence Cowen, and he, as a result of her demonstration, converted to Spiritualism and championed her which lead to weekly demonstrations of trance control at the Fortune Theatre in London, and eventually was the first (to my knowledge) to have a professional studio recording of trance made available to the public.

In 1931, in the presence of Cowen, and Lady Doyle (wife of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle), Mrs. Muerig-Morris was filmed on a sound stage for British Movietone Company, demonstrating trance. During the course of her demonstration, a microphone suspended by a cable above the medium suddenly fell, making a commotion and swinging past the mediums head, nearly missing it by an inch. Any other person, except for one entranced, would have jumped, flinched or moved. Not only did Power position the medium in a spot where the mic missed her, Mrs Morris whilst entranced never flinched, stammered or lost focus in her address, a testament to the power and depth of the trance control state.

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Additional ardent supporters and believers in Mrs Muerig-Morris’ ‘powers’ included famed psychic-researcher, Sir Oliver Lodge and the incomparable medium, Gordon Higginson.

Morris died in 1991 and shy of her 92nd birthday.


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