Mediumship is a Commitment

by Travis Sanders

image by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessman

Mediumship Is a Commitment
By Travis Sanders

If there is one word, to me, defines the path of the medium, it is that of commitment. To first step upon the path is to make a commitment to know thyself. To see your own self as Spirit, as a soul. This can be accepted logically, but to know the self experimentally takes patience, it takes time, contemplation and reflection. It requires the desire to feel that truth in the core of your being, and to seek that truth always with passion and heart.

As we know our own soul, as we know we always have been, and always will be, then we know some intelligent force must be behind our very existence. You can call this “God,” Great Spirit, Creator, or some electromagnetic field. It matters not. But you know you are One with that, and in making a commitment to know thyself as deeply and truly as possible you have made a commitment to know the Divine; a commitment to recognize the oneness of brotherhood, which shapes our thoughts and actions. We strive to be better. Never perfect, but evolving toward a more spiritualized self.

And so, as you walk the path of commitment in knowing yourself as part of the greater whole; as you own your place within divinity; you become aware of those intelligences that live on, still, from the world of Spirit. You know they are not dead, nor are they far away. In many ways they are more alive now than they ever were in their physical shell.

This excites and inspires you. You commit daily to allowing the presence of spirit to dust your awareness, and in time you begin to get messages of guidance, messages of hope, and messages of survival. The inspiration to share that truth of eternal life bubbles up within your throat, and within the fires of your belly, until one day you take the leap.

You speak Spirit’s truth, and to your delight, it is accepted, and appreciated, and validated by some beautiful someone. You know this is what you are meant to offer the world. And so you commit to be of service and as instrument to Spirit in some form or fashion, however they will it.

Time passes, and you continue to allow your Spirit to be moved in service, committed to the trust that you know it is real and true. Some of those that are around you think you’ve lost your mind, some, believe you are in league with the devil. You suffer the slings and arrows of broken relationships, but your commitment to this higher truth pushes you forward through the pain and the judgment. It hurts, but compares little to the joy and unconditional love you feel in being aligned with your purpose.

You commit your time to sitting for Spirit daily. And even when it seems that not much is happening you know you are being shaped and molded. There are days where you doubt yourself, days where you don’t get it quite right, but Spirit shows you over and over that when you meet them halfway, they always meet you too.

Despite the work, you are human. There are days where life beats up on you and in your humanness you feel so alone. You wonder where Spirit went. In the last minute of despair, the miracle; a sign, a visitation, a coincidence, you are reminded once again, reassured, that Spirit has never left your side. They are committed to you as you are to them.

This is your life, your life in this world. And like all things of this world, you grow, age, and eventually, this physical shell that so many people think is you, begins to decay until it takes its last rattling breath.

The aches and pains of the physical body seem like a distant memory. You feel weightless, and hopeful. Your heart is full and Light fills your awareness. The feel the throngs and hear the murmur of the great unseen company all about you. Every thought feels alive.

You’re embraced by the presence of your loved ones long “gone’, moving towards you. They’re radiant. Those you remember, and those you’ve forgot you even missed embrace you. You experience them with every sense. In colors earth never knew.

Those unseen’ helpers that guided and inspired you begin to share in this embrace. Finally, you reunite with these souls you have felt your whole life, whose hands you placed your faith and trust in. “You’ve done well, dear brother.”

You’re not sure how much time passes, for time means little here. But, with these trusted companions you begin to reflect upon the life you lived. At times it is uncomfortable. You witness your shortcomings, and your mistakes. But you also see how much you have grown, and the effects of your actions both “good” and “bad.”

You see that in every step upon your path, these beloved souls were always there, committed to you, even when you knew not of them. As you begin to reflect upon your path of service, your journey as a medium, an instrument, you re-encounter every soul you’ve ever been privileged to speak on behalf of.

You become aware of how this communication helped them on their journey, and the journey of every recipient of that message; but even further, you see the ripples and chain reactions of that contact, both upon the earth and in the higher spheres.

You never imagined so many years ago that the commitment to simply ‘Know thyself” was essential thread in the great fabric of the All, and the unfolding of the divine plan- more complex than any human mind could ever imagine. You are beyond humbled.

You turn to your guide, your dearest friend; “So what now? Am I done?” What does done even mean?” They smile, amused at you “Not hardly, and well, Beloved, that is up to you…what happens next is a commitment that is yours to make.”