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Travis Sanders is an accomplished clairvoyant medium, author and teacher who has been working professionally for over a decade. His work with Spirit has been featured on numerous radio and television programs including CBS Radio and most notably A&E's Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. In spring of 2016 he released his debut book: I Am Psychic, So Are You! What does all of this mean? Everything, and nothing. Travis is just a soul, on a journey, with a passion....Just like you.

Jumpstarting Your Intuition

Intuition. We all have it. Its innate. And yet, most people, especially in todays society ignore that voice. But this is changing. Women have always been more keen to honor the still small voice within, as they are right brained by nature, but more and more each day I see people waking up and realizing the answers are not externally located but internally waiting for us to hear them. So, what are some steps we can take to make it a point to consciously honor the inner voice, intuition?

I see very often that when someone begins to honor and listen to their sixth sense, they often take the guidance or messages they feel to the person least likely to validate them, in hopes that if we can gained said persons approval, the messages must be true, and therefore we would be more likely to trust them. This is setting yourself up for failure. Part of of trust in intuition comes from faith, sometimes trusting that feeling even if there isn’t a reason for it backed by logic. You feel it so deeply, you have to know that its true. The more you do this and the more you see how your intuitions are serving you, helping you, and correct- the easier trust will flow!

Write it down! I always advise anyone hoping to more fully embrace their sixth sense to write down all your perceptions and “hits” you feel or sense about things- but dont look at them constantly. Write them down and forget about them…too often we become attached to the outcome, but the purpose of listening is to be in the moment…When you look back at your “psychic journal” you will be surprised at just how many of your hits were spot on.

Ask yourself why you want to develop your intuition? Is it because you want to entertain your friends with parlor tricks, mind reading or surprising details of their personal life? Is it because you want to feel empowered? Or- is it because you want to live in greater harmony with your own spirit, to help yourself and others? When you develop and hone your intuitive skills from the later, you are more likely to experience success in your endeavors, this is because the nature of intuition has its center in Love Which we eternally a part of.

The last part which may be tricky, is learning to intend that intuition and guidance show up without developing expectations of what that might look like. Your own intuition is often subtle and gently nudging. This is why we call it the still small voice within. You have to get quiet to hear it. Spend time alone in reflection and listen to not only the thoughts and feelings that come to you, but listen to the subtle feelings in your physical body as well. Your entire self is an instrument mean to be fine tuned and played! Be Light and Have fun with it!