Blackhawk, Mother Anderson & Southern Spiritualism

By Travis Sanders


Born Ma-ca-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Sparrow Hawk in 1767, Blackhawk was the son of a Chief and medicine man for his Sauk people in the area that is today Illinois. At a young age, approximately 15, Blackhawk became an honorary war chief because of his skill and talent as a warrior in battles with the Osage, Sioux, and Cherokee. Despite being a healer, Blackhawk, it seems would have to fight his entire life.

In the War of 1812 Blackhawk was propositioned by James Madison to help the English, but instead of gunpowder in return as was promised, he was given blankets and some food. In 1861 he signed what was presented as a peace treaty with the Americans- but really it was a document tricking him into selling his people’s land east of the Mississippi and forcing his people to a reservation.


Blackhawk spent most of his life in battle. He even became somewhat of a celebrity in his day and age for how skilled he was, and how much upset he could created for white armies and people of power in an attempt to hold onto what was rightfully his and his peoples.  He died in 1836, but that was not the last he would be heard from.

Mother Leafy Anderson (born 1887) was a Wisconsin born medium, healer and Spiritualist, who claimed Blackhawk as her primary control, or Spirit Guide. Leafy was of mixed race- African and Mohawk descent, and being both of Native blood, and of a marginalized and oppressed group of people, it made sense that she felt a kinship with Blackhawk.


In 1913 Mother Anderson established the Eternal Life Christian Spiritualist Church and under Blackhawk’s instruction- Mother Anderson went to New Orleans in 1920 and helped usher in the “Spiritual Church Movement” of the American south.

Now New Orleans Spiritualism and the Southern Spiritual Church Movement different slightly from modern Spiritualist Churches in the north (which have a protestant christian flavor), as New Orleans Style Spiritualism often blends Catholic iconography as well as the more charismatic influences of it’s congregation, being that most of those who converted to Spiritualism in that area came from a Pentecostal faith. This meant in addition to the Catholic vestments and imagery, practices such as tongues, faith healing, prophesy, and trance (which in this instance may have looked more like ‘possession’ by spirit guides in more of an African/Caribbean -originated sort of way).


You might have known that Spiritualist have always been progressive, and some of the earliest Suffragettes and women’s rights champions came out of Spiritualism- so it’s not surprising that Mother Anderson’s Church was female lead, and always sympathetic towards the oppressed. In fact, in addition to channeling Blackhawk in her services, Mother Anderson was sought by many to petition the spirit of Blackhawk for those who were being harassed or unfairly treated- a wound that Blackhawk knew well. Even today many people still honor and petition Blackhawk for peace, protection, and justice.


Leafy Anderson passed into Spirit in 1927 but the Spirit of Blackhawk continued to work with her successor, Catherine Seals- who helped cement Blackhawk as somewhat of a folk saint in New Orleans and the Southern Spiritual Church movement.  However numerous mediums throughout history have often claimed that Blackhawk has worked with them as a control or guide such as the British physical medium, Evan Powell (similar to how many mediums have worked with the spirit of John King)

smoke-1031060_960_720 (1)

Native American Spirit guides are not a new concept in Spiritualist teachings. Some say it’s because aspects of indigenous spirituality are inherently spiritualist by nature. Others say that because they are so close to the Earth, that energy is highly conducive for working the denser energies of physical mediumship phenomena.

Blackhawk continues to be a recognized force in Southern Spiritualism and Folk practices. He is often honored by placing a representation of him in a bucket of dirt with tools and offerings of his liking. His feast day(s) is/are December 17/18th.

Blackhawk: Working with his Spirit by Mama Starr

The New Orleans Voodoo Handbook by Kenaz Filan




Honoring Your Ancestral Roots this Harvest Season

By Travis Sanders


October 31 through November 2nd marks the ancient Celtic harvest of Samhain, more commonly known in modern society as All Hallows Eve, All Saints day and All Souls Day as well as the Hispanic observance of Dia De los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, A time in which it is believed that the veil between the physical world and the world of Spirit is at it’s thinnest (though I would argue the veil is always thin). It is during this time that family members and loved ones that have passed are paid their respects, given offerings, and practices of divination are carried out.


Your ancestor’s blood, sweat and tears are the reason you are alive and breathing today. Whether you knew them or not, you are a part of a chain that has shaped and molded who you are today. Every ancestor has or had life experiences, karma, and teachings that have shaped the next generation after them, contributing to the path you are currently walking. In addition to the genetics of physical looks such as hair color, eye color, height, and health predispositions, we carry the spirit of our ancestors with us, often guiding us, and looking out for us, not only for our spiritual growth, but as part of their own from the Spirit Side of Life.

Because Ancestor veneration is such a huge part of my personal practice I thought it would be the perfect time of year to give you a few ways to honor your own ancestors in this harvest time of year!


  • Set up an ancestral altar- On or around the Harvest, set up a table, shelf, or area dedicated to your ancestors. This can include pictures, belongings of the deceased, candles and incense lit in their honor. On my ancestral altar I keep a candle burning for the ancestors I knew and loved, as well as a candle burning for the unknown souls who walked before.
  • Leave them offerings- such as incense (frankincense and myrrh are tradition) food, candles, and drink (I always leave a glass of water to refresh their spirit and amplify their energy, as well as coffee in the morning, though many traditional offerings include wine, whisky and rum.) I even give cigars & cigarettes for the smokers.


  • Talk to them! – Your ancestors are around you regardless, but want to intercede on your behalf. Spend time at your ancestral altar daily and talk to them. Your evocation doesn’t have to be formal, just talk to them as if they were sitting across from you. Ask them for help. Ask them for guidance, and offer them your prayers.
  • Send them your prayers- Pray for the spirit of your ancestors as they prayed for you. Many times our ancestors are still “doing the work” on themselves for their own evolution as souls, so your prayers and healing energy help them. In addition, it helps you too. As they heal so do you. As you heal and do the work on yourself, they heal. It is believed in Native traditions that when healing occurs, it impacts 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. That’s a lot of Karmic lessons you could be resolving for the good of everyone!


  • Lastly- listen! The ancestors are more than willing to talk to you and guide you. Remember however that some of the “newer” souls in spirit are still very much attached to their earthly ego, so if grandpa Joe was terrible with money, use discernment if he gives you financial advice. One of the ways many people “listen” to the voices of the ancestors is through tools of divination. This may include scrying, automatic writing, tarot, or even traditional folk-style bone reading. Experiment with these methods and find what works best for you.


At the end of the day there is no wrong way to pay honor and respect to your ancestors. So go with what feels right. The only caution I give is something that a teacher shared with me, and may or may not resonate as true for you. When it comes to your ancestral altar, do not mix your living and your dead. Keep personal pictures or items off your ancestral altar, including things like your own handwriting. However if you like a certain picture of you and aunt sally and want to display it or have a letter you wish to give your ancestors you can always set up a separate altar that is less formal to hold these items.

Holiday Blessings and Happy Harvest Season!

10 Times I Am NOT the Psychic for You

By: Travis Sanders

  1. If you think someone else’s husband or wife is your soulmate


Guess what!? They aren’t. And if they’re willing to cheat with you, Boo Boo, they’re gonna cheat on you.

2) If you’re looking for a psychic spy

The-Men-Who-Stare-At-Goats.jpgThe cold war is over. If you want me to tell you if your man is texting other chicks, or if your  wife was really with the girls last weekend, you have bigger issues at hand and need couples counseling, not a psychic.


3) f you want a psychic paternity test


Dial up the drama! Honey, if you don’t know who your baby daddy is, you need Maury, not a psychic.

4) If you want to argue

Businessmen fighting June 4, 2001

Listen, Ive been doing this long enough that I know what I know. And if I don’t know I will readily say “I don’t know” but if I say the sky is blue, then I am pretty damn confident that the sky is blue. If you want to pay me for my insight, then argue with me about the insight given, then you’re next on the list….

5) If you don’t listen


You know they type. You tell them the plate is hot and be careful, and they gotta touch it and yell “ouch” just to be sure. Some people call me, and then wanna do all the talking. One thing I know for sure, it doesn’t matter how many different ways you word the question to try to set it up to get the answer you want- you’re still gonna get the same answer.

6) If you’ve got ghosts or aliens


Everybody has different beliefs- and that’s fine- but I am probably not the reader for you if you want to talk about: demons, ghosts, pleiadians, light beings, shadow people, annunaki, reptilians, faeries, or the illuminati….just don’t….

7) If you want someone to fix you


Im not Iyanla, Baby, I can’t fix your life. I can give you guidance and direction but you have to participate in your own life, and make your choices. I can’t hold your hand. Im with you for 30 mins. For that 30 mins, I care…but Im not going to carry you.

8) If you only want a specific spirit contact


It would be nice if it worked this way- but it doesn’t. You might want to hear from beloved Grandpa Bob, and instead I get Bob’s alcoholic brother Bill….mediumship doesn’t work off of want, it works of the what people need. Id suggest hearing Bill out, and usually Grandpa Bob will come through if you just listen and go with the flow- but at the end of the day it’s not Dial–the-Dead, don’t shoot the messenger!

9) If you wanna test me first 


Listen, I have been doing this for over a decade, and I have a good reputation. Ive paid my dues, I’ve been tested by companies Ive worked for- I don’t feel the need to prove myself at this point. Either you want a session or don’t- but trying to get free readings out of me to “test drive” is only going to test my patience…Im not a Kia on a car lot.

10) If you’re gonna ask me about love spells


Im not a rent a witch. I am a psychic and medium. If you want spells go to Salem. Or better yet, crack a book and learn before playing with forces you don’t understand. That being said, I would advise against love spells. Why would you wanna be with someone you have to make love you anyways? No one is that great…If they don’t like you for you, then let them goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….like, yesterday. But I know the types who ask this question, and you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do anyways….Be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.

That being Said!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am probably a good fit for you if….

  • You’re looking for guidance in life
  • You have questions that you want objective insights into
  • You’re open to contact with the Spirit world (i.e. Loved ones and guiding forces)
  • You understand I am there to give you information and/or evidence of survival- not to make decisions for you
  • You understand that psychics and mediums are fallible
  • You’re open to listening and trusting the process

A Mediums’ Feud: Agnes Guppy & Florence Cook

By Travis Sanders

Born in 1838, Agnes Guppy was was a bit of a Spiritualist superstar in Britain. In the 1860’s through 1870’s she was a highly sought after apport and materialization medium. Raised by her grandfather after being orphaned as a baby, Agnes (then called Liz) began attending seances and developing her mediumistic sensitivity, encouraged by a couple known as The Sims. Her first physical feat was the apport of flowers.

Agnes Guppy on Right

Guppy, along with several medium friends of hers became known for their apports. Many apports often “teleporting” from home to home between the colleague mediums. The most impressive apport was actually Mrs Guppy Herself.


In June of 1871, a seance was taking place at the Herne-Williams home, 3 miles away from where Mrs Guppy lived. One sitter jokingly requested an apportation of Mrs Guppy herself, and moments later there was allegedly a loud crash on the table, being Mrs Guppy, followed by a smaller crash, which was a coat and some boots to walk home in.

Agnes Guppy was not just a materialization medium, but the first to produce full form materializations in Great Britain….and then Florence Cook came along.
Florence Cook

Florence Cook was a pretty young woman. Born in London in 1856 she displayed mediumistic phenomena from an early age. Somewhat of a supposed prodigy, she began conducting public seances in her adolescence, eventually producing materializations of the famed spirit, Katie King, daughter of John King.

Katie King materialized in Seance

This displeased Agnes for several reasons. One, because one of the spirit controls that manifested in Mrs Guppy’s seances was John King, the spirit identity of the famed pirate, Henry Owen Morgan. The competition of another materialization medium was one thing but to have another elbowing in on the “King” franchise agitated Agnes greatly. As an interesting aside, the spirit control John King has worked with many mediums through history such as the Davenport Brothers, Eusapia Palladino, W.T Stead, Helena Blavatsky, and Jonathan Koons of Athens, Ohio. Currently German physical medium, Kai Muegge has claimed full materialization of King in his seances as well.


Many of Agnes’ regular sitters began to flock to Cook’s Seances’, partially because they were free of charge, and partially, Cook’s beauty and youth drew prospective sitters in. Agnes Guppy was anything but young and beautiful, in fact, Agnes was quiet a large woman, and was highly jealous of Cook for her looks. This lead Mrs Guppy to conspire to have colleague mediums throw vitriol acid in Florence Cook’s “doll face.” When her colleague’s refused to do so, Agnes outed them as fraudulent.


In 1873 William Volkman, a man who believed Cook to be a fraud, broke seance protocol and grabbed the alleged spirit of Katie King, which lead to a scuffle between the spirit (who suspiciously looked a lot like Florence) and William. Cook’s fiancé escorted the “spirit” back to spirit cabinet, but for many, this shook Cook’s credibility.

Many people considered both Guppy and Cook to be frauds. Many people considered both Guppy and Cook to be miraculous. One such person who shined to young Florence was the scientist, Sir William Crookes. While many believed the materializations of Katie King to be nothing more than Florence in cheesecloth, Crookes allegedly tested Cook’s authenticity through a series of scientific testing and was convinced she was genuine.

Depending on who you talk to there is argument and evidence from both perspectives supporting an authentic and fraudulent verdict. Some claim that Crookes was romantically linked to Cook and conspired in the hoax.


After the death of Mr Guppy, Agnes Guppy married William Volkman, and went by Agnes Guppy-Volkman until her death in 1917.


Encyclopedia of Ghosts & Spirits: Guiley



Nuggets of Wisdom from Mediums Past

By Travis Sanders

Over the weekend I had the great fortune of visiting the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft in Cleveland, Ohio.  Now I know what you’re thinking, what does witchery have to do with mediumship and Spiritualism? Ray Buckland was a known figure in the Wiccan world, but also had deep ties to Spiritualism. Being from the UK, where Spiritualism is prevalent, he attended his first seance in adolescence, and has contributed in his teaching and writing to spirit communication and Spiritualism through his adult life.


In addition to the weird and wonderful items in the museum, and it’s gracious staff members, Buckland’s museum also houses a variety of Spiritualist paraphernalia such as Spirit Trumpets, and a plethora of old and unique books on all varieties of occult subject matter- including Spiritualism and mediumship.

It was here that I found a copy of Robert Chaney’s Book, Mediums and the Development of Mediumship.


It was the first time I had seen a hard copy of this gem, and I had to have it. Inside the book, as you can see from the cover, are accounts of the lives of 18 highly regarded mediums of the 20th century.

In addition to a biographical capturing of each medium’s life and development they also share insights, philosophy and guidance around the development of mediumship. So I decided as I read through the book to extract some of the key nuggets of information and tips around mediumistic development and share the bullet points here for you.


  1. Lester Thorne

Thorne speaks of the importance of relaxation and prioritizes it over concentration. He puts emphasis on posture while sitting for Spirit, sitting with a straight spine, with the hands on the knees and back not touching the chair back to endure optimal relaxation. Thorne suggests “Patience and sincerity of purpose are essential.”

2. Bertie Lilly Candler

Candler advises studying under a good teacher. In regards to the development of trance mediumship advises the use of a spirit cabinet, relaxing and imagining sinking into the self to induce trance, while other circle members send energy to the cabinet. She is also a big advocate of rhythmic breathing, especially concentrating on the Solar Plexus center while doing so. Regular exercise and physical activity outside of Spiritual pursuits are also recommended. She advises- “Try to reach the best and highest” in regards to your mediumship.

3. James Laughton

Trumpet medium Laughton suggests that while sitting for trumpet phenomena, members should in the beginning spending time inviting their guides and teachers into the space by name to create a strong energetic rapport. In regards to message work in mental mediumship, he advises practicing giving messages in small groups to build confidence and efficiency before extended yourself to the public.

4. Bertha R Marx

Trance medium Bertha Marx claims that having a strong faith in your Spirit Teacher is essential in trance development. Her preferred method of reaching entrancement is imagining shrinking inside herself, pulling deep within as she breathes. In regards to clairvoyance gives an exercise of visualizing and detailing objects such as flowers and everyday objects.

5. John W Bunker

Known for his apports, Bunker suggests a breathing technique used to generate the energy needed for the “Spirit Team” to conduct apportation. The technique is as follows: Breathing into the Root center for an in-breath of 7 counts, Holding for three while mentally or visually directing that energy up the spine to the base of the throat for a count of 3, and exhaling for a count of 7, then repeating the process 7 times. This usually generates heat, and the same energy can also be used in Spiritual Healing.


6. Carl Horton Pierce

The Reverend Pierce advises that living the most Spiritual life we can, lays fertile soil for the development of Spiritual Gifts. Clean and healthy bodies, a good relationship with our spirit guides, and remembering to ask Spirit to help us is key!

7. Mable Riffle

A force to be reckoned with from Camp Chesterfield, Mable Riffle gives the advise of asking our Spirit Band to always assume the same location in our aura, every time we work with them to create a trustworthy system with our Spirit Team. In regards to developing trumpet mediumship, she suggests that during sitting for physical phenomena, rubbing your hands briskly together to generate energy, and directing that energy toward the trumpet by then extending your hands towards the trumpet(s) in the center of the table. Riffle also suggest the Lords Prayer and a hymn at the start of each circle to set the tone for the evening.

8. Hugh Gordon Burroughs

Burroughs guidance consists of cultivating a selfless attitude, faith and trust, and willingness to be of service. Through a prayerful life and seeing the Divine in everyone, we can begin our unfoldment with sincere intent.

9. Mamie B Schulz

Known for her Billet reading, Mamie Schulz suggest starting that development through psychometrey. As we develop in our psychic link with objects, we can then shift the focus to connecting with Spirit people tied to the owners of the objects. Mamie also advises us not to forget the importance of Spirit Inspiration in our mediumship.

10. Albert Strode

“Medium is God manifesting through mankind” says Strode. Learning inspirational speaking, study and meditation are advised to attract Spirit Guides of the highest calibre. Strode feels that sitting for spirit with joy and love in your heart paired with a desire to learn is a recipe for success. Additionally he also advises us to treat our Spirit helpers with the same respect that we would treat our Earthly friends. and asking them to assist us in soul traveling to the Spirit world (and asking to remember) that we may absorb the knowledge and wisdom from those visitations in ways that we will remember.


11. Clifford Bias

Clifford is one of my personal favorites of Mediums from the past. Bias was known for his many expressions of mediumship both mental and physical. Bias suggests that understanding theory and physical science as well as the law of conservation of energy are foundational before seeking to develop. He also recommends the following books:

Guide to Mediumship by Delta Samadhi
Laws of Mediumship by C.C. Zain
Guide to Mediumship by E.W. Wallis
Biopneumonia by Levi
What Mediumship is by Horace Leaf
Psychic Control by W.W. Kenilworth

In regards to direct voice, Clifford theorizes that sitting with other physical mediums cam activate latent physical potential that exists within us, and encourages us to sit several times with potential teachers. He holds the psychic circle as sacred and advises us to treat that time as such, as well as the importance of keeping a diary of our development. He also conducts development circles in a way that the first half is in light, and the second half is in darkness so that mental and physical development and growth can be worked in the same circle.

12. Nelly Curry

Mrs Curry like Marx earlier suggests visualizing and memorizing objects. When he have gotten good at this, Curry suggests trying to imagine seeing people in as much detail and specificity as possible. When we feel confident in holding the imagery and detail of people, we may ask our guides for a message in regards to those people whose image we hold, and noticing other visuals that come to us. Curry tells us to use our common sense and not get discouraged as we sit to develop.


13. M. Mcbride Panton

Panton is one of the mindset who is against the idea of self development, but encourages it within the safety of a circle with an experienced leader. He also advises an attitude of expectancy over hopefulness and wishful thinking.

14. Geraldine Pelton

Known for her precipitation mediumship and direct spirit art. In the development of such Pelton recommends getting small canvas or paper, and pastels. For several days meditate with the paper and pastels to “charge” them with energy. Afterward, when sitting for the manifestation of phenomena, sit in a darkened room in front of the paper and pastels for 30 minutes, alternating between focusing on the pastels, and then the paper. Pelton recommended sitting no more than 3 times a week for the development of this phenomena.

15. William H. Jackson 

Trumpet Medium Jackson insists that trust in the divine is essential, along with a working understanding of natural law. As you build power and blend with the god of your understanding, discernment develops and your guides will eventually reveal themselves to you.

In regards to trumpet/direct voice development Jackson recommends keeping a vessel of water in the seance room.

16. Maud Fox

Mrs Fox suggest prayer as a starting point. Remember you can pray for the development of your mediumship! Prayer is a form of attunement. Pray for Spirits power to flow through you in your works. In addition Maud feels strongly about the idea of knowing thyself. In regards to demonstration she reminds us to attune to the body language of our spirit contact- this way, as we take on mannerisms of our contact, we not only share survival but show it.

17. Richard Zenor

Mental and emotional self-care are essential in Zenor’s opinion. He also advises staying with one or two earthly teachers in life, because it makes it easier for our spirit helpers to know how we work, and the energies that work with us in an earthly sense. Mr Zenor is also an advocate of the power of positive thinking.


To read the full text of Robert Chaney’s Book, you can download a PDF with the link below.

Mediums of the Past: Leonora “White Crow” Piper

By Travis Sanders


One of the most hailed trance-mediums of the early 1900’s was Leonora E. Piper. Despite being born in 1857, Piper’s psychic experiences didn’t start until around 8 years of age, when a blow to the head induced clairaudient sounds. The sounds produced the name of Aunt Sarah, who unbeknownst to Leonora, and her mother, had passed away the very same moment as Leonora’s injury.

In 1881 Leonora married William Piper, and not long after attended a seance by blind clairvoyant and healer, Dr J.E. Cocke. While Cocke went into trance, Piper did too, simultaneously, and channeled automatically a written message of a profound nature- and of which she had no awareness of.


After that Leonora’s ability as a trance medium blossomed. An American, (Boston) Piper traveled to the UK and was studied by leading psychical researchers of the time, including Sir William Crookes. It was through the agency of her mediumship that the “Faunus” message was delivered in 1915, predicting the death of Sir Oliver’s  son, and consecutive sittings with Mrs. Piper, (along with messages received through table tipping) made a believer out of Lodge in the legitimacy of her Trance Mediumship and the survival of his son’s consciousness.

Pipers primary control was a french doctor named Dr Phinuit (pronounced “Finney”) though her controls changed over the years. It is debated whether the controls were independent beings or aspects of her subconscious, regardless, the evidence of her trances left no doubt that the communications from and about loved ones were genuine spirit-contacts.


Mrs Piper earned the nickname “White Crow” from William James- a researcher with the American Society for Psychical Research, after he was quoted saying “If you wish to upset the law that all crows are black, it is enough if you prove that one crow is white. My white crow is Mrs Piper.”

As Leonora aged, and tended to her ailing mother, her trance mediumship faded, and by the time of her death in 1950 was limited to mostly automatic writing. Despite this, during the years of 1885 and 1915, she was one of the most tested and impressive trance mediums in the world.

Great Moments of Modern Mediumship: Meilleur
The Mighty Dead: Penczak
The Spirit Book: Buckland

Eileen Garrett and Her Many Voices

By Travis Sanders

One of the most fascinating mediums of the 20th century, in my opinion, is Eileen J Garrett: psychic, trance-medium…and skeptic?


Born in Ireland in 1893, Garrett knew tragedy from an early age. While still very young, her parents committed suicide, and she was raised by her religious aunt and uncle. While her uncle was a sweet man, her aunt was described by Eileen as cold, and strict, and she and Eileen never truly connected. This lead Eileen to retreat into her inner world where she found visions and voices.

As a very sickly child growing up near moors and sacred stone circle, Eileen appreciated nature and the magic therein. From a young age she saw auras around people and even experienced spirit visitations, much to her aunt’s dismay.

Misfortune followed Eileen into adulthood, especially into her 3 marriages. Each one ending in death or divorce. Her first marriage to a man name Clive, yielded three sons who all died very young, and one daughter who thrived, named Eileen after her mother.


After WW1 Eileen was attending a table tipping seance, a new experience for her, and while at the session, she appeared to fall asleep. But asleep she was not! Eileen fell into a trance state and began giving information about the other sitters deceased loved ones. Upon waking she was unaware of what transpired. Encouraged by those in attendance, she sought out the help of a hypnotist who was able to induce the trance state (like many mediums, later on this was not needed for her to go into trance) and while under trance, revealed a spirit control (Spirit guide) by the name of Uvani.

Uvani, who claimed Arabic origins, was Garrett’s main control, but in time a secondary control named Abdul Latif, a persian physician, introduced himself and would work with Eileen in trance diagnosis and disseminating medical information, much like her contemporary “The Sleeping Prophet” Edgar Cayce. Interestingly Edgard Cayce and Eileen Garrett did meet, and performed trance readings for each other.

geuu_01_img0081  edgar-cayce

As Eileen Garrett’s reputation and her own curiosity grew, she began to work with and be tested by a number of researchers, scientists, parapsychologists, and spiritualists, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sir Oliver Lodge, The British College of Psychic Science, and after moving to America where she eventually would become a citizen, Dr Joseph Rhine with Duke University and the American Society for Psychical Research. One  of the more controversial feats of her mediumship involved communicating with a spirit connected to the R101 Airship disaster, and allegedly communicating unknown mechanical information that lead to the crash, though this is debated by believers and skeptics alike.

EileenGarrett r101_3

The thing that intrigues me the most, and that I respect the most about Eileen, is that she never doubted WHAT she was able to do, but she was never convinced in regards to HOW she was able to do it. She often wondered if much of her psychic ability was simply a telepathy- but even more interestingly, despite being one of the most credible and studied trance mediums in the world- she was not convinced that her own spirit guides/controls were legitimate Spirits, but believed them to likely be aspects of her own subconscious personified, and ultimately was unconvinced in a Spirit world or life after death.


Many Voices: The Autobiography of a Medium by Eileen Garrett
The Spirit Book: Raymond Buckland

Youtube: Dueling Psychics: Edgar Cayce and Eileen J. Garrett